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hive (n) hʌɪv/

"A place in which people are busily occupied. Move together as one."

Sharehive is the marketplace where women collaborate. Whether it's exchanging graphic designs or getting paid for copywriting, Sharehive allows women to connect, swap skills and get paid work.

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Graphic designer and Brand…

Design & Graphics · Jaimee Plantinga

Barter · Hourly Rate Negotiable

Certified Infant and Child…

Other · Heather Edeling

Barter · Hourly Rate $100

Proof reading German

Copywriting & Language · Daniela Leutwyler

Barter · Hourly Rate Negotiable

Proof reading English

Copywriting & Language · Daniela Leutwyler

Barter · Hourly Rate Negotiable

Database maintenance

Marketing · Daniela Leutwyler

Barter · Hourly Rate Negotiable

Event Management in Greate…

Event Management · Daniela Leutwyler

Hourly Rate Negotiable

Why Sharehive?

Connect with women

Network and make new connections in the Sharehive community.


Swap skills and help each other strive & thrive.

Get paid

Make money with your skills.

Success stories

"I run a digital agency, and work with a network of remote freelancers to support clients across Europe and Asia. Sharehive has helped me hire skilled professionals like video producers, php developers and marketers."

Emelie Fågelstedt, London

"What a brilliant idea. I've already used Sharehive twice for my eCommerce business Kaya Kopi and will certainly do it again. I traded business development for help with my social media strategy and also used Sharehive to hire an awesome SEO expert."

Clara Dunnes, New York