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hive (n) hʌɪv/

"A place in which people are busily occupied. Move together as one."

Sharehive is a marketplace where freelancers and entrepreneurs collaborate through swapping or buying skills from each other. Whether it is swapping graphic design for copywriting or paying someone to get help with website development, Sharehive connects people to new opportunities and collaborations.

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Web Designer

Design & Graphics · Carl Nettelblad


Software Development · Carl Nettelblad

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Success stories

"I run a digital agency, and work with a network of remote freelancers to support clients across Europe and Asia. Sharehive has helped me come in contact with skilled professionals like video producers and php developers, that have helped bring new perspectives to the business. In return, I’ve been able to help them with marketing insights and strategies."

Emelie Fågelstedt, London

"What a brilliant idea. I've already used Sharehive twice for my eCommerce business Kaya Kopi and will certainly try again. I traded "cold calling" for help with my social media strategy and also used Sharehive to hire an awesome SEO expert."

Christopher Dunnes, New York