hive (n) hʌɪv/

"A place in which people are busily occupied. Move together as one."

Come join our global female freelance movement. We’re empowering women across the world to achieve their dreams and make an impact by doing business together. In our community, you’ll find a mix of passionate women from all corners of the globe. Writers, digital nomads and do-ers. Entrepreneurs, marketers, illustrators and coders. If you’re a go-getter and a giver, if you love being surrounded by inspiring women-then we want you to join us as we take on the world!

Explore our community

Market research

Analytics & Business · Stella Faber

Hourly Rate $15

Facilitator, processmanage…

Mentoring & Coaching · Charlotta Rydholm

Barter · Hourly Rate Negotiable

Email marketing

Marketing · Anna Leven

Barter · Hourly Rate Negotiable

Content Writer (Blogging, …

Copywriting & Language · Ashley

Hourly Rate Negotiable

Social Media Manager

Marketing · Tammy

Hourly Rate $15

Creative Content Writer

Copywriting & Language · Tammy

Hourly Rate $20

Why Sharehive?

Feeling lonely as a freelancer?

We know the feeling. That’s why we organize free events, virtual co-working, support forums and local co-working for our members, around the world.

Find (new) clients

Being a new freelancer can be hard. And even if you’ve been freelancing for years, it can still be tough to find new clients. On Sharehive you can collaborate through skill swapping, which means you’ll get more exposure and make more connections.

Get paid

Guaranteed payment- don’t get undercharged for your work! We think taking 20% from freelancers is madness. That’s why our 12.5% fee is the lowest in the industry.

Success stories

"I run a digital agency, and work with a network of remote freelancers to support clients across Europe and Asia. Sharehive has helped me hire skilled professionals like video producers, php developers and marketers."

Emelie Fågelstedt, London

"What a brilliant idea. I've already used Sharehive twice for my eCommerce business Kaya Kopi and will certainly do it again. I traded business development for help with my social media strategy and also used Sharehive to hire an awesome SEO expert."

Clara Dunnes, New York