hive (n) hʌɪv/

"A place in which people are busily occupied. Move together as one."

The Story

Sharehive was born as a result of my own needs and experiences having started five businesses and working as a freelancer for the past eight years.

With 100 dollars in my pocket and big ambitions, I founded my first business selling sustainable clothing. To support my dream I had to freelance at night and hustle during the day.

To get started I helped fellow female freelancers and founders by advising them on digital marketing. In return I got financial advice, website development and support from these women. Not only was this making my business grow but I was also getting paid freelance work and finding customers for my clothing company.

I realised that my experiences could be used to design a platform to enable other women to work together and grow together. And that’s how Sharehive started.

Yasmine Akermark, Founder of Sharehive December 2017