hive (n) hʌɪv/

"A place in which people are busily occupied. Move together as one."

Born out of founder Yasmine's own experiences, it all begin in London in 2012 with 100 dollars in her pocket and BIG ambitions. Yasmine’s dream was to create a unique marketplace for sustainable clothing. But to support her daytime hustle, she moonlighted as a freelancer.

And that’s when the magic happened. One by one, Yasmine began collaborating with other female founders, contributing her digital marketing expertise and offering help with strategy and visual media . In return, she got financial advice, website development and support from her growing network of women entrepreneurs. Not only did her business grow, but she was getting paid freelance work and connecting with customers for her clothing company. Through fruitful partnerships with the incredible women around her, she was finding success and supporting the achievements of her female community.

While sipping coffee at a cafe in Paris, it finally clicked. She realized that her collaborative network wasn’t just a means to an end, it was a thriving community that perpetuated growth. And by designing an online ecosystem, she could offer a space for women everywhere to participate in the same networking building, skill sharing, and contact swapping that had allowed her to thrive.

Five businesses and six years later, Yasmine’s vision became a reality. Sharehive was born.

Welcome to the Hive. :)