Be a Sharehive Ambassador

What does it mean to be an Ambassador

  • Get exclusive membership to our secret Facebook group: In this group, not only will you share the same drive with other like-minded girls and feel super motivated to share & collaborate, you will also receive exclusive challenges, guidance from professionals & lot’s of surprises!
  • Invites to our events - that can be anything from a kaferepp (Swedish Coffee Party) in founder Yasmine's home, webinars, networking and skill matching events, to invitation to female conferences. Events are worldwide from Melbourne, London, to New York. We encourage our Ambassadors to host events in their cities.
  • We love to share what our community are up to! Every month we feature our ‘Ambassador Heros’ and their work with an exclusive interview on our blog and social media channels.
  • Get perks & free stuff designed by our community, for example a phone case or a weekly planner with an illustration made by one of our members.
  • Tailored match making, every month we match you with other women on the platform who have complementary skills to you.
  • As an ambassador you will also the first to know about new features on Sharehive.