Have you ever thought about doing your own gig? Full time or as a second income, more and more women are going freelance. In the US, 34% of the workforce and almost half (47% of all millennials) are full-time or part-time freelancers, according to a fairly recent study by the Freelancer Union. Going freelance might seem like a leap - giving up job security, colleagues and the stability of a monthly paycheck - yet the benefits are many.

1. Be your own boss

Wanna take a 1 month holiday? No problem. Freelancers can usually choose how much work to take on, when to deliver the work and for which clients. That gives freelancers a freedom employed workers can only dream of.

2. Flexible hours

Freelancers can choose when during the day or week to work. Forget about office hours. Sleep in, work late, get the work done when the weather is bad. It is completely up to you when you want to work.

3. Learn new skills

Freelancing is nothing like working for a company where you do the same thing year after year. Freelancers change jobs and clients on a weekly or monthly basis. That means freelancers are more likely to acquire skills that will be useful for future jobs.

4. Skip office politics

If you are hardworking, smart and have the knowledge and skills, very quickly will advance both professionally and financially. Freelancing offers great opportunities, a variety of activities and a large number of employers who need good workers.

5. Work from home

Working from home is an ideal solution for balancing work and family or private life, during which you can successfully make for a living and support yourself and your family.

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