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Answers to (hopefully) all your questions about our freelancer community


Apply to become a member of the Sharehive freelancer family. Why? We want to make sure we get the right people on board. It’s not about being exclusive - it’s about keeping Sharehive a safe and loving community for ambitious, skilled freelancer women. Once accepted and you have paid your subscription fee, you will get a welcome email with instructions to set up your profile. Easy!

How do I set up my freelancer profile?

To set up your profile, got to 'Profile' scroll down to 'Edit Profile'. Tell us a little bit about yourself and upload a photo of yourself. Don't be shy - we love you to be personal. You are now ready to get started. Add your skills and services to your profile (the freelance services that you offer to others), check out your fellow freelancer females and browse the job board to look for opportunities. Found someone with a skill or service you that you need for a current project? Message her to agree on the details. You can either buy services like on a traditional freelancer website, or swap skills with our barter service.

How do I add a freelance skill?

To add your skill, go to 'Profile' and navigate to 'Add Service'. Add your service, and make sure that you add each one of your services separately. For example if you are an influencer, strategist, graphic designer and illustrator add them as three separate services rather than one. It makes it a lot easier for potential clients to find you. To 'Add Service', simply fill out the title of your skill. Try and avoid words like amazing - we know you are otherwise you wouldn't be on the platform! Add a description, select your ‘Hourly Rate’ and whether you’re happy to barter. Keywords it make it easier to find you as well as adding a photo - you can upload your own or use our gallery. Still need help or want more tips? Just write to us at

Who can become a member?

Sharehive is a community for highly skilled freelancer women in business, marketing, writing or design. If you think you fit that description, apply! (LINK - Apply) Tell us about your skills, services and experience so our team can get to know you - all of our members are handpicked.

How does the subscription work?

Sharehive is a ‘members only’ community however clients can see and buy your services without being members. Members pay a monthly membership fee which gives them access to our website, marketplace and loving community! They also get free access to all of our networking events, webinars and conferences. Find out more about our membership options here (LINK - Membership).

How do I make my profile ahhhh-mazing?

There is no magic formula for how to drive more traffic to your profile, but here are some of our top tips:

Too much work? Don’t have time to make your profile perfect? Drop us a line at with your details and we will beautify your profile for you. We can use your social media profiles, your personal website and LinkedIn to describe your skills, previous work and experiences.

How do I manage my skills?

Go to your 'Profile' and to ‘Services’. You will find an 'Edit Service' button in the top right corner. Click to edit your services. You can edit your services and freelancer terms such as prices, delivery time etc at any time.

Can I list more than one service?

Yes, the more the merrier! Are you an SEO expert, creative strategist and a digital marketing genius? Go to ‘Profile’ and ‘Add Service’ - you can add as many services as you like! We recommend you add at least two freelancer services. Make sure to always be specific in your skill description and use examples to describe what you can do. Need advice? Drop us a line at

Why package skills as a service for a fixed price?

Because you will sell more and make more money! For most freelancers, the most difficult part is getting a new client on board. By packaging your skills at a fixed price, it makes it a lot easier for a new potential client to buy your services. Once you have a working relationship with a client it is then easier to negotiate a scope, price and timeframe. Find more tips on how to win freelance jobs, write proposals and negotiate contracts on our blog.

Can I list and add links to my website and social media?

Yes, we want you to share and showcase all your skills and previous work at Sharehive. Add your website, Instagram, blog or vlog or whatever social media platforms you are on - the more of your work that potential clients see, the better!

Freelancer Marketplace

How do I get paid?

We know that payment is one of the biggest pain points for most freelancers so we want to make payment and invoicing as easy as possible for everyone involved. You can organise payments through our safe payment platform (run by Stripe) or handle it yourself - it is completely up to you. Other payment options we recommend include Paypal, Venmo or Transferwise. We do not charge the seller or buyers a transaction fee, we are a non-transaction fee website and marketplace.

How do I buy services from members?

Message the person you want to work with. They will have either specified a price per hour or packaged their skills so you can use this to start a standard freelance contract or barter contract. Once you have agreed on the terms and a price, press ‘Buy Service’. You will see the option between using Sharehive, Paypal, Transferwise and Venmo to make your payment. Pay the agreed amount buy using the trusted third party services.

How do I swap skills?

You can search the marketplace for specific services. Once you’ve found someone you’d like to barter with just send them a message. Easy peasy! You can use our secure barter contract (a skill swap contract) to talk over the details and when you're ready you just need to click 'agree'. Swapping or bartering skills is a great way for a freelancer to save money, to build a network and to build your freelance work portfolio.

How do you contact another member about skill swap?

Members contact each other about skill swaps through the secure messaging system within the Sharehive freelancer marketplace. (You will also receive an email to your own email address to notify you each time you receive a new message.) Be nice and respond to all skill swaps requests and messages, even if the skill swap is not of interest to you - no one likes being ghosted! Feel free to connect on other platforms to discuss the skill swap in more detail - Skype or WhatsApp is always good, especially if you’re not in the same country.

Do we have to swap skills at the same time?

No. Actually, in most cases, freelancers arrange non-simultaneous skill swaps. While you might complete your work in a week, the person you are swapping skills with might not until the next month. Use the “barter contract” to specify the terms so there aren’t any misunderstandings. Another alternative to a direct skill swap is to pay for the skill, which is perfect when you can't match your skills for an exchange.

Freelancer Legal

How does the freelancer contract work?

Our freelancer contract is a template standard ‘service contract’ that you can choose to use if you want. To use it, simply fill out where shown the 'Description of Service’, the 'Project Schedule', ‘Pricing/Rates’ and ‘Payment Terms’. Make sure you are clear and as specific as possible when outlining the scope of works and deliverables.

How do I use the barter contract?

Our barter contract is a template standard ‘service contract’ that you can choose to use if you want. To use it, both parties must fill out where shown their respective 'Description of Service’ and 'Delivery Schedule'. Make sure you are clear and as specific as possible when outlining the scope of works and deliverables.

How do I keep my profile safe?

We care about your privacy. Your email address will not be made visible anywhere on the website. If you choose to share your website and social media channels, only other members will be able to view them. To protect your privacy, members or potential clients cannot see your full name when contacting you, unless you choose otherwise. We are compliant with current European GDPR, for more information see our privacy policy here (LINK - Privacy Policy).

What does Sharehive do with my data?

Sharehive does not sell or rent your data to any third party organizations. We value and are committed to protect our user’s privacy. Please read about our Privacy Policy (LINK - Privacy Policy).