Savor Success

Savor the Success is a professional network for women freelancer & entrepreneurs in the US. Members get PR opportunities, connect through our community, and increase business via networking.


Like Minded Bitches Drinking Wine, or LMBDW is a community group for entrepreneurial-minded and business savvy women. They organise regular events in over 40 cities around the world.

Remote Like Me Community

Remote Like Me aims to help people like you, go remote like me! Covering all aspects of the digital nomad lifestyle- this group will help with finding freelance job opportunities, applying, and how to fully enjoy your remote lifestyle.

Lets Go Wonder

The GoWonder is a community for traveling female freelancers and digital nomads. They encourage and inspire women to live the lives they want to lead and ensure that bold, smart female (like you!) have amazing support and resources at every aspect of lif

NOI Club

NOI is a community of female freelancer who regularly meets to champion each other and move forward together.

Blooming Founders

Blooming Founders is a professional group for freelancer and founder women to share ideas and experiences.

Female Startup Founders

This group is for female freelancers and founders of startups to connect, support, and encourage one another in their journeys.

Female Digital Nomads

Female Digital Nomads is the group for traveling freelancer women. Get inspired, inspire others, share your best freelancer hacks.

Female Freelancers & Entrepreneurs

This is an open space for self-employed women, either freelancing or building their own business, across the globe. The group is all about supporting, inspiring and motivating each other across countries and continents.

ToGetHer Further

ToGetHer is a community group that supports freelancer women in their professional development by creating a safe space to share experiences without the pressure to be perfect.

Women Work - GoWonder

GoWonder is a community group that aims to provide women globally with the inspiration, knowledge, and connections to travel & works the world like a digital nomad - aka a travelling freelancer.

My Travel Tribe

This is a community group for all female digital nomads, girl bosses and location independent entrepreneurs.


TechLadies is a group and job board for women in tech from all around the world with a particular focus on engineering, product, graphic design, digital marketing, business development, data and IT.

Dreamers // Doers + Jobs

Dreamers // Doers open facebook group for job gigs. Post work, find freelance work.